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At ONTOP we deeply care about your comments, feedback and suggestions. Our commitment is your amusement and we hope the fruits of our work will accompany you on your day to day enjoyment. Either in a single player experience or with family and friends. ONTOP Privacy Police describes how we collect, manage, use and disclose any data collected on PuzzlAR: World Tour for Magic Leap.  

Collection of Information from the players:
ONTOP collects anonymously information from the game play sessions of PuzzlAR: World Tour. ONTOP does not collect any personal data regarding player’s name, physical address or contact information.

Use of Information from the players:
ONTOP uses the information to improve the mechanics of PuzzlAR: World Tour and assure an ongoing better experience on the following updates. 

Changes To This Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy could be updated from time to time. To be aligned with the changes in the law, our practices, or the features of PuzzlAR: World Tour, please visit We will always keep this up to date so that you know what information we will collect . For this reason, please review the Privacy Policy in every new update to be assured that you are up to date on our most current policies and practices. By playing PuzzlAR: World Tour, you accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and, by playing PuzzlAR: World Tour after changes have been made, you agree with these changes.

Any questions or concerns?
Please contact us through the following email address:

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